If you want to make a career

Today it is no longer a matter of course to want to make a career. Very often, the work-life balance comes to the fore. Family, social commitment, hobbies and self-fulfillment have become more important to some people than pursuing a career.
However, for all those who attach importance to a career, we would like to give a few tips along the way. After all, Club-Carriere has been dealing with this topic for 26 years and has asked more than 40,000 personalities what you think is important to become successful.

  1. Our clear number one is flexibility. Many complain about changes being responsible for them not being successful. However, it would be better to adapt and take advantage of that very change. (Read more at Club-Carriere)
  2. Know what you want. Show some persistence in achieving your goals. As the saying goes, many more people have given up than people have failed. (Read more at Club-Carriere)
  3. Communication skills are also a significant factor. You must be able to convey content in a way that resonates with the other person. Taking into account all filters, such as age, gender, nationality, fears, previous impressions, relationship with you, etc.. The same applies to understanding, of course. (More about this at Club-Carriere)
  4. Conflict ability does not mean to like to argue. It means much more to want to assert your point of view, even if it should involve conflict. Leadership in groups is very often taken over by those people whose conflict ability is most pronounced. Not the smartest and not the strongest! (More about this at Club-Carriere)

Many more parameters can be found at Club-Carriere.

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