Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Version: 14.2.2023

„JCC“ hereinafter refers to the operator of the web portal jobs.club-carriere.com.

A. Conditions for the use of JCC

The JCC service will fulfil both as a standalone portal, and via i-frame embedded sub-domain on the portal www.club-carriere.com , as well as via mobile apps the placement of job searches and employee seekers. All portals and websites supplied by JCC are hereinafter collectively referred to as JCC. All agreements are made between the job seeker and Algoprint Marketing GmbH, or between the employer and the job seeker.

1.1 JCC serves as an intermediary between jobseekers and employee seekers.

1.2 The use of the portal is free of charge for job seekers. However, content that is not in line with the purpose of the portal, such as advertising messages, links for commercial purposes, political announcements, etc. is prohibited and is therefore subject to compensation. If jobseekers wish to delete their details at any time, this is at their own discretion and responsibility.

1.3 Advertisements for employee search are generally subject to a fee, with the exception of promotions and voucher campaigns. The standard duration of an advertisement is 90 days. Payment is made in advance by credit card. A refund is not possible. Purchased unused ads expire after 3 years.

1.4 JCC does not guarantee sufficient and/or qualitative applications.

1.5 The author is responsible for the content. Employers are required to comply with the law.

1.6 Jobseekers as well as employers are responsible for the lawful use of their texts and images (trademark or copyright infringements). Uploaded images must be free of rights. JCC reserves the right to hold the originator harmless in this respect.

1.7 JCC is not liable for stored files or for downtimes of availability.

1.8 The user of this platform agrees to receive messages from Algoprint Marketing GmbH in connection with all products and services of the company until revoked, be it by email, SMS or telephone.

1.9 The place of performance and jurisdiction shall be deemed to be Vienna, Austria. Contracts shall be governed by Austrian law. The competent court is the Commercial Court Marxergasse 1030 Vienna.