Job Interview Tips: How To Make a Great Impression

Interview tips

Before the interview

Be on time. Better 15 minutes early than 15 minutes late.
A well-groomed appearance goes without saying. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Shined shoes. Clean robe.
Fresh breath, but no chewing gum, or drops during the conversation!
When you are invited in, open the door with the hand closer to the hinges and make eye contact with the most important person in the room as quickly as possible.
You close the door behind you without losing eye contact and smile.
After you are addressed, you greet as well. If you are offered a hand, squeeze and shake it – firmly, but not too firmly.
If you have been offered a seat, sit down.
If you are carrying a bag, do not place it on the desk of the person you are talking to.
Admire something in the room. Or the site. Admire something you can genuinely admire.

The conversation

Answer all questions dynamically and clearly. Avoid subjunctives; this comes across as insecure. Be friendly, but do not try to entertain with comedy and jokes. Remain authentic and honest. Anything else will not stand up in the long run,
When asked about failures, do not blame others. Show that you can also take responsibility.
Tell what you are good at, better than others, but also what you are not so good at.
Explain why you are an asset to the company and what your motivation is for wanting this job.
Ask what your potential employer particularly values, but also how the company feels about the things that are important to you.
Also show that you have interests and a life that exists independent of the company, and above all, convey that you are a balanced happy person.
Showcase your willingness to learn and your ability to adapt to changing situations.

If your interviewee is a Club-Carriere personality, find out beforehand:

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